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West Highland Way
Jacquetta Megarry  
20 March 2020
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West Highland Way

(5th ed)


Jacquetta Megarry

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"When walking the West Highland Way, this book was my bible" - Steven Smith,

The West Highland Way is the first, and remains the most famous, of Scotland’s Great Trails, running for 96 miles (154 km) through superb scenery. Starting from the outskirts of Glasgow, it passes through Scotland’s first National Park, along the shores of beautiful Loch Lomond, across the wilds of Rannoch Moor and ends in Fort William at the foot of Ben Nevis, Britain’s highest mountain. This fifth edition of our guidebook describes the route from Milngavie northward, including the improved lochside path north of Rowardennan and the final mile to the seated statue in Fort William. It has more pages, many more photos and much larger scale mapping than before, yet it’s lighter and more rainproof than ever.


This guidebook contains all you need to plan and enjoy the West Highland Way:

  • the Way in sections, with summaries of distance, terrain and altitude profiles
  • where to find food and drink, accommodation and how to split the distance
  • concise background on the history, heritage and wildlife
  • information about side-trips, e.g. Ben Lomond and Ben Nevis
  • background information about Loch Lomond, history, habitats and wildlife
  • planning information for travel by car, train, bus or plane
  • 15 pages with detailed route mapping at 1:42,500
  • in full colour, with 120 photographs
  • rucksack-friendly and on rainproof paper.
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Planning extract (pp4-9)
2.1 Loch Lomond
3.6 Kingshouse to Kinlochleven

Online review (Undiscovered Scotland)

This [5th edition] differs from earlier Rucksack Readers we’ve seen in being rather slimmer and with the spiral binding down the side rather than across the top. In our view both these changes make it even more usable. …

The walk is broken down into seven sections, each with detailed large scale mapping commissioned specifically for the book and clear, detailed route instructions. The result is a book that gives the walker everything they need in one place and at their fingertips.

Combine the quality of the content with beautiful presentation and good colour photography throughout and the end result is a book that’s a pleasure to use – or just to browse – and an essential companion for anyone wanting to tackle the West Highland Way.

Click here for the full review.

Reviewed by Undiscovered Scotland

Online review (

When walking the West Highland Way, this book was my bible. With its drop-down map, lots of information on history, geology and wildlife and masses of photos, it’s all you need in one handy package. The waterproof paper is a great idea. I’ve used my book twice in all weathers (in 2003 and 2007), and it’s still in good condition. Don’t leave home without it.

Reviewed by Steven Smith

Comments from a reader after walking the Way

This was my choice to take with me on my recent walk … I had also read the Official Guide but left that at home. The Rucksack Reader was just great to keep in the front pocket of my rucksack and I could sit at the lunch-break reading the section for the day to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

Margaret Watkiss, Stockport, Cheshire

From a reader in New Jersey

I like the book because it’s more to the point than the Official West Highland Way guidebook. It’s also smaller, which means I’ll probably carry it with me.

Pamela L Dragosh, Bedminster, NJ, USA

Email from a hiker

Have now completed the Great Glen Way and West Highland Way, both tremendous experiences. Your guides and Easyways booking services invaluable. Thank you.

Bill Edwards of High Wycombe

Excerpt from online review by Mark Champion of Braco

This is an essential companion to the West Highland Way offering quality information and clear maps in one easy to manage, waterproof package. … If am to enjoy good quality information on the hoof I need it to be waterproof, spiral bound and map pocketable – like this book! Thank you for giving me all the information I need to enjoy the greatest of Scottish walks.

Read the full review on the website

Excerpt from online review by a reader from Liverpool

This book is ideal for information junkies like me. When walking the West Highland Way in the past I have been laden with substantial guides and voluminous maps. This spiral bound book with its ingenious drop down map will both guide you on your way as well as providing fascinating tidbits of information on history, geology and wildlife. … If you’re thinking of walking the Way this book provides a most practical companion … as well as an attractive souvenir.

Read Celia Burn's full review on the website

Comments from a British reader

This a must for anyone attempting the walk. The fold-out map/bookmark is excellent and the information within is just what is needed. Other guide book producers should take a leaf out of your book. It will be with me all the way this April!

Jim Tolan, Lancashire, UK

Review by a Dutch reader

This is an absolute must-have for beginners and experienced hikers alike: the guide gives detailed information on what to expect on this splendid walk, but does not go into irrelevant issues.

The summary at the beginning of the book provides a clear overview of what to find and where. Planning to walk the Way tells you how to prepare, while The Way in Detail is a day-by-day manual giving practical intelligence on the route itself, starting each day with a summary of the distance, terrain, grade, where to find food and drink and possible side-trips. The book’s format is designed to make it easy to use while walking, as the paper is entirely water- and food-proof, and the spiral binding means no pages falling out nor indecipherable road names due to folding.

The West Highland Way is a beautiful hike with amazing wildlife: expect to see a wide variety of animals, especially early in the morning or in the evenings. Make sure you don’t miss out on the wonderful views, like the one from Conic Hill between Drymen and Rowardennan. Feeling best when near water, I loved the Falls of Falloch and Grey Mare’s Tail in Kinlochleven and if you can spare the time, pay a visit to the mesmerising island of Inchcailloch, which has an interesting history and pure-white deer (no, this is not a fairytale).

For West Highland Wayfarers, this guide is essential, and the beautiful pictures make it a precious souvenir.

Ster Liezenga, Ommen, The Netherlands

Chris Brasher comments on the format

These guides are a real boon to the growing army of men and women who don a pair of boots, sling a rucksack over their shoulders and head out into the great outdoors.

Chris Brasher, the late athlete and founder of the Brasher Boot company

Bonus content

GPX route file
Route updates

Following flash floods in summer 2020, the footbridge at mile 43, page 51, was washed away and may not be replaced any time soon. However, you can cross by another bridge just upstream, a very brief detour which is shown clearly on this map.

After major extension and refurbishment, the Kingshouse Hotel reopened in February 2019. Walkers can still use its restaurant, bar and showers while retaining the options of wild camping, sleeping in the Kingshouse Bunkhouse or staying in the hotel itself, an expensive option but with stunning views of Glen Coe and the Buachaille.

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