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Nidderdale Way
Beth Rimmer  
05 July 2023
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Nidderdale Way



Beth Rimmer

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"I had the most wonderful time walking the Nidderdale Way and would recommend it as an ideal long distance path." - Clare Balding, broadcaster and author

The Yorkshire Dales is a famously beautiful part of northern England, and Nidderdale is perhaps the least known of its valleys. This unique dale has three large reservoirs formed by damming the River Nidd, and it boasts impressive natural features such as Brimham Rocks, Guise Cliff and How Stean Gorge. It’s also rich in human heritage, from mining to textile mills. The Nidderdale Way is a delightful 54-mile circuit through the valley, much of it beside the River Nidd. The route starts and ends in the market town of Pateley Bridge, and can be walked comfortably over four to six days. It is well maintained and waymarked throughout.

Our second edition documents some minor route changes and has improved mapping, with many extra features added and labelled. It is perfect bound, making it lighter and more pocketable than the previous edition.


The book has all you need to plan and enjoy your holiday:

concise directions, printed on rainproof paper

16 pages with detailed route mapping (1:45,000)

background on River Nidd, minerals and textiles

four-page section on habitats and wildlife

contact details for accommodation and transport

Link routes from Ripon and Knaresborough

lavishly illustrated with 95+ colour photos.

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From Part 1 (pp4-10)
2.4 Habitats and wildlife
3.4 Ripley to Pateley Bridge

From a customer (unsolicited)

I’ve just walked the Nidderdale Way and really appreciated your book. I can read a map but the extra details were so helpful especially as I walked alone. It was so useful to have guidance that was up to date.

Annette C, from a village near York

Reviewed by Outdoor Focus

The string of three reservoirs … have all weathered in and now provide added interest to this sadly underestimated landscape. Retired GP Beth Rimmer had always believed that Nidderdale lived up to its ancient Celtic name, which means “brilliant.” So … she had found the ideal retirement project.

The result, in Rucksack Readers’ new lighter format, maintains the larger (1:40,000) map scale, with more (over 95) beautifully-reproduced pictures and the same amount of always informative and detailed text.

Nidderdale highlights, some just off the main 54-mile waymarked route, include How Stean gorge, Pateley Bridge, Fountains Abbey, Ripon and its cathedral, Ripley and its castle, and Brimham’s spectacular Rocks.

Roly Smith, summer 2019, p15

Reviewed in Strider 144

The route is described clearly and concisely and is easy to follow: small paragraphs ensure that you can keep track of just where you are.

From the publisher’s website you find links to Google maps of the route including link routes, detours and extensions, and a downloadable GPX track.

A wealth of background information on the dale – history, industry, religion, flora and fauna – enhance the walk … this is about as good as a walking guide gets.

Susan Wilkinson, August 2019

Bonus content

After completing the Nidderdale Way you can buy a badge from two outlets in Pateley Bridge: a pin badge from Nidderdale Plus Community Hub in King Street or a fabric badge from Sypeland Outdoors on the High Street.

GPX file
Route updates
In June 2023 cracks appeared in the 17th century bridge at Hampsthwaite, forcing a detour to the route. Happily by 14 September the bridge repairs were complete and the original route restored.

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