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Friends Way 2
Martin Budgett   Jacquetta Megarry  
20 May 2023
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Friends Way 2

Margaret Fell's journey


Martin Budgett Jacquetta Megarry

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The Friends Way route will appeal not only to all Quakers who enjoy walking, but also to those walkers who don’t yet know the remarkable story George Fox’s 1652 walk and its pivotal role in founding Quakerism. This sequel volume takes up the route from Sedbergh to Swarthmoor Hall near Ulverston. The previous guidebook, Friends Way 1, went from Pendle Hill to Sedbergh.

After George Fox reached Swarthmoor Hall, he deeply impressed Margaret Fell (1614-1702) with his radical ideas.  She later became a committed Quaker who was imprisoned for her beliefs, and also his wife.  She worked tirelessly to organise the movement, to lobby for releasing prisoners of conscience and to spread the Quaker word by publishing letters. 

This book covers her journey from mistress of Swarthmoor to mother of Quakerism, as well as devoting a section to Swarthmoor Hall which was and is the most important centre of Quakerism in northern England. The route takes in major Quaker sites in Sedbergh and Kendal en route to Swarthmoor Hall, and it can comfortably be completed inside one week.


This guidebook contains all you need to plan and enjoy the Friends Way from Sedbergh to Swarthmoor Hall:

  • Quaker history and biography of Margaret Fell
  • details of distance, terrain and food/drink
  • planning information for travel by car, train, bus or plane
  • richly illustrated sections on geology and wildlife
  • 14 pages with route mapping at 1:35,000
  • in full colour, with 100 colour photos