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Explore Mount Kilimanjaro
Jacquetta Megarry  
01 April 2013
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Explore Mount Kilimanjaro

(4th ed)


Jacquetta Megarry

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"I could not put it down until I had read it cover to cover" - Ann Wallace, Dunfermline

At 5895 metres (nearly four miles) above sea level, the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest point on earth to which you can walk. This is a mountain of contrasts and extremes. You start from tropical rain forest and finish in arctic conditions, passing through a landscape formed by ice and fire. Yet any well-prepared walker with enough determination may be able to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, to reach ‘the roof of Africa’.

To climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the greatest challenge you face is the huge altitude gain. The author’s advice on preventing altitude sickness is based on medical research, and on her own experience of successful ascents by four different routes, as well as experience of trekking at altitude on four continents. The fourth edition of Explore Mount Kilimanjaro has been fully updated to cover the Lemosho/Shira routes,


This guidebook contains all you need to plan and enjoy your trek on Mount Kilimanjaro, including:

  • drop-down map showing Marangu, Machame, Lemosho and Rongai routes
  • advice on planning, preparation, and choosing your route
  • practical information on climbing Mount Meru (ideal to pre-acclimatise)
  • advice on choosing equipment, and packing for easy retrieval
  • medical advice on how to prevent and manage altitude symptoms
  • background on the geology, history, habitats and wildlife
  • full colour throughout, with over 70 photographs.
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Choosing your route (from Part 1)
2.4 Habitats and wildlife
3.4 Kibo to Gillman's Pt/Uhuru

From a customer

I found your Kilimanjaro book invaluable. Of many books written about this mountain, yours was by far the most helpful. You make it really easy to find good practical hints and useful information.

JG of Lanark, Scotland

From an online review

An ingenious, full color, water resistant guide to trekking Africa’s highest mountain with a focus on exploring the habitats, landscapes and camps en route to Uhuru. The author, a dedicated walker, includes detailed information on preparing for the trip, and a camp-to-camp overview of the Marangu, Machame and Rongai routes as well as an overview of climbing neighboring Mt. Meru.

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An online 5-star review

We had the Cicerone and the Stedman book for all the info needed. Yet our group used this book every day for reference and info. It was easy to read, durable and had all the info we needed for the Machame route. Particularly useful were the graphics and the description of the tour stages. Recommendable!

by "infectiousdoc" review

A review on

This is the 4th book in this series that we have used and it is packed with useful information to make a good trip even better. My husband has devoured every page in the pursuit of achieving one of his lifelong ambitions and we are booked to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in August of this year. After studying this book in depth, we have chosen the Machame route and feel that we are very well prepared and the information provided will be invaluable. As keen trekkers, we have tried the rest and now only use the BEST! Highly recommended with five stars.

Carolyn Tucker (Welwyn, Herts) at

From a Canadian hiker's email

Our group of 11 people had a variety of books that were used during the ascent and descent, and there was agreement that your book presented the most realistic and practical descriptions of planning and preparation, background info and, most importantly, what each of the two main ascent routes (Marangu and Machame) involves and what will happen each day …

It is compact, easy to carry, spiral bound, so that you can refer to it throughout the day without laborious effort. The maps at the back were great for maintaining your orientation at all times. I bought about 5 books, read them all, and this is the only one that I brought with me.

Eric Cowan, Toronto, Canada

From a reader in doubt about which route to attempt

The book arrived in the post at 7am on a Saturday, and I could not put it down until I had read it cover to cover. I was so excited and wanted to go as soon as possible! It had so much more information, and it was exactly what I needed to help me make my decision to do the Machame route.

Ann Wallace, Dunfermline

Excerpt from online review by Brian Spence of Thurso

From its stunning front cover picture to its nifty fold-out route map at the back, this is a unique guide to Kilimanjaro. In a complete breakaway from traditional guidebook format, this ‘Rucksack Reader’ has a compact layout, robust binding and waterproof cover, all designed to survive the rigours of trekking. … The book covers all aspects of preparation, including how to get fit, health issues and altitude effects. No punches are pulled in describing altitude sickness: I certainly recognised some of my own symptoms from my experiences on Kili.

For full review, please see website.

Excerpt from review in "Tanzanian Affairs" number 71 p48, 2002

This handy, spiral bound, tightly packed guide provides a ‘step-by-step’ practical approach to doing Kili. It takes the would-be trekker through the planning and preparation stages necessary before stepping a foot on the mountain, offering such advice as when best to go, what to take in the way of clothing and equipment, altitude sickness etc.

Pru Watts-Russell

From a reader in Dubai

I have just returned from Kili, and a friend has sent me your book as a souvenir. I wish, oh wish, I had had the book before we left, but it is wonderful to read all about it again in retrospect. We made it to Uhuru Peak, though our photos were nothing like the smiling faces in your book!

When my photos are put into an album I tend to forget which campsite was which .. which is why your book … is so useful and will stay with me wherever I go.

Anna Griffin, Dubai, Emirates

From a reader who had just completed the Machame route

The guides also loved your book. They were constantly asking for it and looking at the routes on the maps, reading the descriptions, and checking out the pictures.

Kim Nerenhausen, Cairo American College

From an online review by a reader in Idaho, USA

Anybody thinking of writing or publishing a trekking guide could well use it as a model. The format is great — the coil binding makes it easy to get to things. The maps and photos are outstanding and the writing both informative and entertaining.

For full review, please see website.

Excerpt from online review by David Saunders

I trekked Kili in November 2002 with this guide, and found it a great help. It’s very well designed and gave good, solid advice in my experience … a practical, beautifully designed guide to this great mountain.

For full review, please see

Online review by Chris Thurman

If you want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, this book tells you all you need to know. The whole package is compact and lightweight, and with so many photographs it seemed an easy read. Both Marangu (the normal ‘tourist’ route) and Machame (the more strenuous camping route) are covered in detail, with altitude profiles and step-by-step summaries.

I discovered it just in time (February 2001), as I’m attempting this ascent in July with friends and I’m hungry for information on Kili. For the last 12 months I’ve been trawling the Internet, combing through bookshops and asking around. This book gives me everything I have been looking for, from fitness to food, planning to packing, and advice on preventing and coping with Acute Mountain Sickness. At only 175 grams, I might even take it with me in my rucksack, where every gram counts.

Chris Thurman, Derbyshire, UK

Excerpt from online review by James Whittington

It’s a must, packed with great day-by-day info on the two main routes, Marangu and Machame … It’s small and light and lived in my rucksack for two weeks and still did the job!

For full review, please see

Feedback from a reader

Your guide to Kilimanjaro was the best and most informative book/guide I came across in my search for information on Kili. It helped me no end in preparation and whilst climbing … a fantastic series.

Simon Purnell, by email

Excerpt from online review by John Sinton

On taking up a challange to trek up Mount Killimanjaro, this book provided me with all the information I required. Over a six month period it kept me on track through all the preparation required to achieve a successful ascent to Uhuru Peak. Its size is very good and all the information is there without having to scan lots of pages – a must-have if you want to get to the summit.

For full review, please see

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