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Harry Kikstra  
01 March 2009
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Summit of the World


Harry Kikstra

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"Essential reading for anybody contemplating an attempt on Everest"- Lincoln Hall, mountaineer

At 8848 m (29,028 ft) Mount Everest is the world’s highest peak. Even the trek to its Base Camp is arduous: see our guidebook Trek to Everest. Climbers aiming for the summit must survive the extreme conditions of the ‘Death Zone’ and perform great feats of endurance. The author describes how to prepare for and climb the popular ascent routes up Everest from both Nepal and Tibet.


This pocket-sized guidebook provides all you need to plan and prepare for the popular ascent routes up Everest from both Nepal and Tibet, including

  • advice on planning and organization
  • how to prevent and manage altitude sickness
  • practical advice on the use of oxygen and yaks
  • how to choose your Everest route and expedition team
  • detailed descriptions of the Tibet (North-east Ridge) and Nepal (South Col) routes
  • mapping, diagrams, tables, checklists and graphs
  • over 50 colour photographs
  • pocket-sized, rugged and weatherproof.
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1.5 Supplementary oxygen
3.7 High Camp to the summit (Tibet)
4.2 Tengboche to Base Camp (Nepal)

From a satisfied customer

Just a quick email to say how much I enjoyed Harry Kikstra’s ‘Everest’. In fact, I thought it was brilliant. None of the many Everest expedition books which I’ve read have brought home just how arduous the mountain is, nor how committed you have to be, as clearly as this. It’s partly because he writes so simply, clearly and lucidly; partly because it’s a guide to planning the trip, so there’s no need to inflate the prose beyond being simply factual. And, in keeping with all your titles, it’s amazingly comprehensive for a relatively slim volume.

Patrick Jeffcoate, by email

Reviewed by

If you have plans to climb Everest, this book is a MUST READ. The book tells you a lot about the best way of:
• planning your trip
• choosing your route (North side, South side)
• health issues, equipment and training for Everest.
Highly recommended: rating: 5 / 5

Reviewed by W P Stolk on 17.6.2010

Reviewed by Irish Mountain Log

The author, a successful “seven summiteer” explains how to prepare for this challenge. He describes in detail the popular ascent routes from Tibet and Nepal, including the trek from Lukla to Base Camp.

IML no 89 (Spring 2009) page 55

From a review in Scottish Mountaineer

For anyone with an interest in Everest and how to get up it, the book certainly delivers … I particularly liked the fact that the climb has not been made to appear too easy … As a book of its type, few others of the size can contain as much relevant information.

Pete Hill''s review in SM Nov 2009 page 94

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