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15 November 2023
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To people who haven’t been there, Antarctica may seem remote, extreme, even forbidding. Yet everybody who has visited comes back full of enthusiasm, with amazing memories and stunning photos. And after the extraordinary discovery of the Endurance, 107 years after Shackleton’s ship was crushed by the sea ice and sank, interest in Antarctica has never been greater.

In this guide, the author helps you to plan not only when to go, but also whether to include South Georgia and the Falklands, how to read between the lines of an itinerary, which operator to book with and what size of ship will suit you best. She provides practical information about weather, clothing and photography, and gives links to useful websites and further reading. Various specialist options may be available – from sea kayaking to camping on the ice. There is guidance on the wildlife that you are likely to see and how to identify the different species, lavishly illustrated with photos.

Antarctica’s ice cap stores 90% of the world’s fresh water, and it is a crucial place for the monitoring of global warming and other scientific research. The book explains the 1959 Antarctic Treaty and Madrid Protocol and deals with their implications both for the continent and for visitors on cruise ships. It explains the formation of icebergs and glaciers, and how the climate varies over different areas of Antarctica. Various likely landing sites are covered, supported by professional mapping at suitable scales, with a wealth of detail informed by the author’s personal experience in 2022.

The story of Antarctica’s discovery, exploration, exploitation and conservation is told, illustrated by many colour photos and maps. Use this book to plan your adventure of a lifetime, but be warned: many who visit Antarctica end up trying to return.

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