Reviews of The Speyside Way

The reviews below refer to "The Speyside Way" published by Rucksack Readers. To find out more about this book, click on its cover or Look inside its pages or visit its Gallery.

Excerpt from review by Cameron McNeish in the Badenoch and Strathspey Herald:

"This new Rucksack Readers guide to the Speyside Way is innovative, entertaining and practical, and makes a strong case for picking up your pack and taking to the Strathspey byways for a few days.

The guide contains a strip map of the whole route at a scale of 1:100,000 - a reasonable scale for a way-marked route, but I'd personally carry a 1:50,000 scale map as well; sections which break the route down in terms of distance: details of terrain, wildlife habitats and planning information and special notes for novices and checklists of equipment."

Excerpt from review by Ron Lander

Anyone planning a trip to Speyside will enjoy an excellent and informative read and find it a great starting point for any holiday. Dedicated walkers will find it compact yet comprehensive - a route planner and almanac combined ... I rate it a great buy!

Excerpt from review by The Great Outdoors magazine (September 2000):

"The Speyside Way... is a spiral-bound water-resistant book and map which comes together in one single package and which is small enough to slip into the map pocket of an anorak. The new format was devised to overcome the difficulties of using and handling guidebooks and maps when walking long-distance routes in the Scottish climate. ... a practical and easy to use guide full of relevant information and advice."

Excerpt from “The Rambler” review

The inaugural guidebook comes in an attractive spiral-bound notebook-style format, with colourful photos, plentiful background notes and a clearly printed fold-down map ...

from the official magazine of the Ramblers’ Assocation, no 8 Summer 2001, page 42

Excerpt from review by Chris Thirkettle online at Blether:

"For anyone who has experience of juggling with both a guide-book and an OS map on a windswept, rain-soaked hillside, the Rucksack Reader series will come as a welcome innovation. The handy little volume for the Speyside Way combines background information, walking notes and route map in one publication...

The Reader contains bags of information for the walker who is truly interested in the terrain being traversed, breezily but authoritatively imparted - and the Spey Valley, perhaps the most beautiful and varied river valley in the country, has plenty to catch the curiosity and imagination.

The stage-by-stage section of the guide has all the vital information needed to help you plan and pace your walk and, together with the route-map attached and the way-marking of the route itself, you will have to try very hard indeed to get lost. Key distances, grade of terrain, supply points are all there, together with detailed directions."

Printed book £11.99

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In mid-2016 we released the revised version of our popular guidebook, documenting the route extension to Kincraig with fresh photos, new mapping and many other updates.… more about Speyside Way »