Reviews of Hadrian's Wall Path

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From a review in "Walk Northumbria" (Ramblers)

This is a well-balanced book with just about enough historical detail. ... I prefer the west to east direction. ... I like the fact that the book fits into both a standard map case and also a pocket. The photographs are excellent and ... most people reading the book would want to walk the Wall.

Bill Gallon, October 2011 page 6

Reviewed by the Long Distance Walks Association magazine Strider

The guide is profusely illustrated with attractive page layouts that combine text with fine colour photographs and panels on features of interest.

There are now a considerable number of guides to Hadrian’s Wall Path, but this one rates highly for its convenience of use, its attractive format, and the clear presentation of the route and other information.

Ken Falconer's review in Strider (page 30)

From a review in Compass Sport magazine, June 2011

I was most impressed by this guide. It has a wealth of information, provided more detail, and filled in more gaps in my knowledge than I thought was possible.

It is clearly well researched and basing the guide on a West to East journey is clearly novel, as many start the walk from the East, but does not detract from the benefits whichever direction you choose ... A worthy purchase for anyone interested in Hadrian’s Wall or Roman Britain.

Reviewed by Anthony Barrable, Vol 32, issue 3, p39

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