Reviews of Explore the Tour of Mont Blanc

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Feedback from a customer who did the TMB in 36 hours

Two years ago I gave your TMB guide to some friends who regularly walk sections of this route as a thank you present for supporting me on my own little trot around Mont Blanc. Although they have three other guides for this route, yours is their one of choice because they find the route description so good and the accompanying information so fascinating.

Paul C of Devon, UK

From an 5-star review

Essential for planning this incredible trek ... this is the most up-to-date guide I could find to the Tour du Mont Blanc. I'm doing the trek in July this year (2007) and this book has been essential in planning the route, hut/refuge selections, and for general hiking/access tips.

Gregory J Parsons (Boston, MA)

From an online website

Of several good books, we like McCormack's guide. It's light, small, functional — a pleasure to use.


Feedback from a user

I just wanted to pass on to you and any one else involved, what a triumph the Rucksack Reader was. [The others on the TMB trek] were queueing up to borrow it!

George Irving, by email

Reviewed in Irish Mountain Log

The guide stood up to all the tests - comprehensiveness, clarity, readability, attractiveness ... The TMB is the most beautiful and ever-rewarding of walks and I would recommend Gareth McCormack's guide as an essential companion for anyone, both in planning the tour and in actually walking it. ... I found the short summary panels associated with each stage to be particularly useful. There are a lot of very attractive photographs, which will help sales, but I'm not so sure the additional bulk is warranted. In summary, this is an excellent guide and I strongly recommend it.

From Michael Guilfoyle's review on p46 of IML Spring 2006

Excerpts from review by Judy Armstrong in tgo magazine

Something fresh has happened in the publishing world. Scottish publisher Rucksack Readers has turned a book into a full-colour spiral-bound notebook.
Despite being lightweight, it's heavy on detail ... I liked the inclusion of notes on widllife, flowers and geology ... Route notes are specific and up to date.
A fold-out map incorporated into the back cover provides a linear view of the entire route, and the colour photos used throughout are inspiring.

From tgo (the great outdoors) Feb 2006 page 82

Reviewed by Bootprint (Outdoor Writers' Guild)

I can find little to criticise about this well-illustrated and designed guide to the TMB ... The photography is excellent, and the drop-down map at the back is well thought out, well, no, ingenious is a better description.

Terry Marsh in Bootprint Dec 2005 p10

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