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From The British Bulletin of Publications on Latin America, the Caribbean, Portugal and Spain

The overall layout is excellent. ... [includes] a delightful chapter on the wildlife that can be found in the Andes, together with a concise analysis of some of the principal conservation issues ... Many tourist books cover the Inca Trails to Machu Picchu, but with its overall thoroughness and excellent preparatory guidance, "Explore the Inca Trail" stands out from the rest and goes a long way towards enabling the traveller to truly live the trail.

British Bulletin no 109 page 61 (October 2003)

Excerpt from tgo (The Great Outdoors) review October 2002

The guidebook is an ideal companion: it's lightweight, concise and full of advice which is highly pertinent. Some of that advice ... is suprisingly detailed for such a slim volume. Importantly it doesn't exceed its own brief - this is a guidebook specific to the Inca Trail with no dead weight ... It's ideal for those, like many heading off on charity fund-raising treks, whose goal is to enjoy this classic hike to one of the greatest sights on the planet.

John Manning, Deputy Editor

Excerpt from an online review (

This guide ... contains all the information you need for a successful trip to this fabulous destination. There are sections covering everything from ... preparation, what you need to take, what to look for in a tour operator, through to the environment you'll be experiencing and a day-by-day guide to the trails themselves.

The style is ideal for a trail guide - concise, readable, informative and entertaining. The maps are clear, cleverly packaged and totally usable. A wonderful array of photographs completes the package.

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Excerpt from an online review (

This is no mere guide book: sure, it provides plenty of well written text and many superb illustrations (frightening mountain scenes, many Inca structures, and loads of wildlife - from condors and guanacos to marvellous tiny plants) to describe so much of that wonderful Andean wilderness. But it does a great deal more: here you find full details of every kilometre of each of those three routes, a wealth of health and safety information, even Spanish and local vocabulary.

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eitExplore the Inca Trail

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