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From Outdoor Focus' review of the second edition

Excellent design and photography and crips, easy-to-follow directions with Rucksack Readers' usual large-scale mapping make this the only guide you'll need to explore Arran's glorious coastline, from castle-crowned Locharanza in the the north to the cliffs of Bennan Head and the Black Cave in the south.

Roly Smith in Outdoor Focus Spring 2018 page 5

Excerpt from 5-star review at

This book is a gem ... it feels like it has been written as a labour of love. It’s obvious from her enthusiasm and detail that the author knows Arran at first hand, and the information is up to date at time of publication. Apart from doing a bit of website searching for travel timetables and accommodation bookings, I’d say that this book has all the other information you need.

Bob Robinson, Lincolnshire

Excerpt from the Foreword

Arran's geology makes it ideal for coastal walking ... My own favourite section remains the toughest part of the route ... With steep cliffs on one side and open sea on the other, there's something very satisfying in the uncompromising nature of the terrain. Rocky reefs run out towards the little lighthouse island of Pladda. This is rugged coastal walking at its finest ...

Cameron McNeish

From a review in "Outdoor Focus" magazine

This handsome, well-illustrated and waterproof guide to one of Scotland's newest long distance walks ... is the perfect companion to a fascinating route.

Reviewed by Roly Smith, President of OWPG, SPring 2008

Printed book £12.99

acwArran Coastal Way

The Arran Coastal Way is perhaps Scotland's finest circular long-distance trail, running 65 miles (105 km) around the Isle of Arran in a memorable week-long hike from… more about Arran Coastal Way »