Notes for novices

Hikers on the West Highland WayYour first long-distance walk may seem a daunting idea, but you don’t need to be extremely fit, nor do you need to spend a fortune on special gear. With sensible planning and preparation, and some basic equipment, you can enjoy a rewarding and healthy holiday.

Long-distance walking is different from a ‘normal’ holiday: you will be exercising continuously and carrying your world with you for a week or so. Give special thought to:

  • planning realistic daily distances
  • feet and boots
  • the right gear.

Your first two priorities are to buy and break in a decent pair of walking boots well in advance, and to buy or borrow a rucksack. Everything else can be acquired gradually, once you’re ready to have another go. Don’t forget to test everything out on some long day-walks before you set off.

Here is a list of topics covered on later pages: