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Annandale Way in the news

screen clip of video

Our new Annandale Way guidebook has had lots of column inches recently, including this video featuring coauthor Roger Turnbull and principal photographer Lynne Kirton.


Just out: Heart of the Cotswolds

HTC cover

Discover the secret places of this lovely area of southern England, mostly ignored by the Cotswold Way. Author Christopher Knowles has been arranging walking holidays in the Cotswolds for over 20 years; his guidebook offers three options, to suit tours ranging from 4-8 days. The book has 21 pages with detailed mapping and 110 colour photos, and it's our most ambitious to date. Find sample pages here.


Cumbria Way and Storm Desmond

Calling all Cumbria Way walkers: please revisit our web page for important updates on two detours.


Borders Abbeys Way: launch in June

BAW cover

Anywhere near Melrose on Sunday June 18? If so, please come to our launch at the Borders Book Festival.

If not, check out the book, its sample pages and a gallery for this gorgeous, easygoing circuit. It links the four main ruined abbeys with the towns of Hawick and Selkirk. As Allan Massie says in his Foreword "newcomers to the Borders will find this book a splendid introduction to its history, legends and wildlife".