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Save £4 with Dundee discount (valid to 4 December)

Are you as sick as I am of Black Friday marketing emails? Instead we are off to Dundee tomorrow to support its excellent Mountain Film Festival. If you happen to be there, please visit our stand for a chat and book bargains. For most, Dundee will be impossible, so here is a discount code instead: from today until 4 December, save £4 on any order of value £14+ by quoting dmff2016 at step 2 of our order form. This is our most generous discount ever, and you can claim it on a single book: our beautiful hardback Wild America (normally £14.99) can be yours for £10.99. Any two-book order is also bound to qualify. Whether you are thinking about presents or planning activities for 2017, remember that to any UK address p&p is free of charge, elsewhere you pay Air Mail at cost.


Survival tip for travellers

Fake wallet

Do you ever feel unsafe about your valuables in a foreign town? If so, consider creating a fake wallet that makes a plausible decoy. Before you leave, load it with some dollars, euros or sterling, outdated credit cards, unwanted store cards, receipts and ideally some photoID that is easy to replace. Once at destination, add some notes of local currency. Here is a step-by-step illustrated guide. (Find a less obvious place to keep your real wallet.)

I heard the idea from a fellow traveller who escaped from knife-armed muggers by throwing the fake wallet one way and running in the other. It saved her and her husband from injury, perhaps serious, as well as loss of the real wallet. So I pass it on, hoping that one of you may benefit.


Spectacular winter walks in Scotland

Calton Hill

The UK's recent cold snap is a reminder of the joys of winter walking. VisitScotland has listed ten spectacular winter walks including Calton Hill, Edinburgh (above). The John Muir Way passes through Edinburgh and has tempted many US visitors from North America, as well as Brits, to sample its walking and cycling. And Arthur's Seat offers one of the finest cityscape views in the world, at the modest price of a climb to 251 m/825 ft.