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July discount £3 off all month

For the month of July, we are offering  our subscribers a £3 discount. The mechanism is simple: order goods costing at least GBP16, quote the code july2016 at step 2 of the order process and a discount of GBP3 will be applied automatically. (If you want only one book, use the code RRloyalty instead for 10% off.) Now is the time to plan your next hike or bike trip: visit our bookstore for ideas, or go straight to our Order form.


Trek to Everest

View from KP

Several years in the making, our Trek to Everest book is just out: please have a look here. It offers a range of treks that go well beyond the standard Base Camp route, and it links maps with mountain views systematically. Have you ever wondered why it took until 1856 for anybody to realise how high Everest is? This photo helps to explain: from nearby, Everest (left) looks smaller than Nuptse (right, but only half the distance) despite being 970 m taller! Nepal is an amazing country, and its people will welcome you warmly. Trekking there is the experience of a lifetime.


Revised guidebooks, 2016


Did you know that the Great Glen Way has changed in Inverness? Or that the Speyside Way has been extended to Kincraig? Our new printings of these books cover the changes, but if you already have a copy please email us and we will point you to the free update PDF. The Kintyre Way has had a major extension, covered in a 12-page free download: see our Kintyre Way page for this link.

And if you know of any other route changes, please let us know. Thanks for reading!