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Today is John Muir Day

JMW cover

Exactly a year ago today, we published our guidebook to coincide with the official launch of the Scottish John Muir Way. It's good to report that this coast-to-coast route is proving popular and successful with walkers and cyclists. In 2013, Scotland followed California's example in declaring 21 April an annual "John Muir Day" to celebrate his birth (in 1838). And to anyone who has been enjoying the outdoors recently, I hope you found that, as Muir put it, "Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees".


Online route maps

Sample routemap

After an enormous amount of work, we have absorbed Google's changes to their online mapping tools and pulled together access to all our route maps on a single page. If you haven't already tried out these zoomable maps, please do! Zoom to the utmost, search for nearby accommodation and locate any trouble spots - an invaluable tool when planning your expedition. So far we have 21 routes completed, 12 for Scotland and 9 for England, with plans for more.


Fife rocks


Above and beyond the attractions of the trail itself, the Fife Coastal Path has two 5-star attractions which are optional side-trips. The Elie Chainwalk is a sensational coastal scramble above crashing waves. And the Isle of May is the most amazing day out from Anstruther, with close-up views of puffins and seals. For more about both, please visit this page.