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Our printed books are rainproof and need no battery or cellphone signal, but we have bowed to demand for ebooks. They are all available for both Kindle and Apple platforms. Our first three titles are:
Cleveland Way
John Muir Way
Explore Mount Kilimanjaro

Explore the Inca Trail will be uploaded within a few days, and the Great Glen Way will follow in early August. Please contact us if there are other titles that you would like to see as ebooks. They are all fixed-format and very labour-intensive to create. Having spent 14 years obsessing over keeping text and image together, and making cross-references and the index work, we saw no alternative.


The Great Glen Way goes higher

Circular viewpoint

Due for launch on 5 August by Cameron McNeish are the two new High Route sections of the Great Glen Way. This project has taken 10 miles (16 km) of the Way above the tree line, and the views over Loch Ness are breathtaking. The image shows a viewpoint on the High Route above Invermoriston.

With help from the route managers, we have already hiked the High Route and our guidebook has been expanded to 72pp to make room for detailed route description, new photos and other features. Our 5th edition Great Glen Way will be out by mid-August: click for an email notification or to Pre-order.


Choosing a route map

Footprint Cumbria Way

Working out which maps you need to cover a route can be a fiddly exercise, especially if you shop online and can't unfold the sheets. We try to help with this page which gives sheet numbers, scale and price for British routes, with tabs for routes in Ireland and Worldwide. We always tell you about the best-value option (e.g. strip maps where available).

Whenever a new map comes out, we aim to update the ISBN, price and link. For example, we recently switched our Cumbria Way map recommendation from Harvey's (£12.95) to Footprint (£9.50 and the same scale). Please have a look and let us have any suggestions.