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Free book with all 2-book orders until 19 December

Flatter a few of your friends and family with the unusual gift of a walking guidebook. To help with present-buying, for the next four weeks we are offering 3-for-2 on all book orders. For technical reasons, we can't automate this with a discount code just now, so here's the workaround you can use up to 19 December:

  1. visit our website to decide which 3 books you want
  2. email us at to say which book you want us to send free (but don't then order it online!)
  3. order and pay for the other two books in the normal way 
  4. we will send all three books even though you paid for only two.

The important point is that you must email us before you order online, otherwise there's a real danger that we have dispatched your order before we find out that you want a free book!

Although you are welcome to order maps and videos in addition, to qualify for each free book you need to buy two of our books.


Ash dieback (Chalara fraxinea)

Diseased ash leaf

Walkers can help to combat this worrying disease by reporting any examples of dieback in ash trees that they notice. As of yesterday, there had been 222 confirmed instances. There is a large-scale map of them here and the Forestry Commission website has video and photographs which you can use to check if your sighting is genuine before reporting it. (There are other causes of dieback and the disease affects only ash, not "mountain ash" i.e. rowan.) Please help if you can.


New map from Harvey for the Settle to Carlisle Way

Harvey map: Settle to Carlisle Way

We are happy to tell you that Harvey is just releasing its newly revised waterproof route map (1:40,000). This has been revised to match our Settle to Carlisle Way precisely, and we are selling it at a discount from our web page.

We have already just released our new guidebook (in advance of its December publication date) and have sent out all pre-orders. The Harvey large-scale map makes a perfect partner.