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Settle to Carlisle Way: pre-order now


Long before Christmas, we are releasing our guidebook to this new route in sight of England's best-loved railway. The scenery, wildlife and railway heritage are exceptional, from the Three Peaks, past the 24-arched Ribblehead Viaduct to the tranquil beauty of the Eden Valley. There is lots more info here and you can request a notification email or pre-order at any time.


New routes and Compeed winners

Some great ideas for new routes were received after our request for suggestions: many thanks to all who emailed. Ideas ranged widely, from a route that we have already commissioned to one I'd never heard of! Packs of Compeed have been sent to Patrick J (Reading), Julie A (Morpeth), Carol P (Forfar) and Philip W (Derbyshire). There's no space here to tell you all their ideas, but our next issue will reveal more.


Rob Roy Way mapping news

For years we've been trying to persuade cartographers to publish a strip map to our Rob Roy Way route (now one of Scotland's Great Trails). Although work is under way on a Footprint map, it still has not yet been released. But we have just learned that Harvey Maps is at proof stage with theirs. It will be published in December at £12.95, scale is 1:40,000 and it is on waterproof Polyart. So we expect to be changing our "Perfect Partner" offer on this page in December and offering the Harvey map at £11 – much cheaper and more convenient than the Explorer 4-pack which we currently offer.