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Speyside Way route map online

Route map graphic

We have just completed our route map for the Speyside Way.  Take a virtual walk along any of our 16 UK routes: choose any page from our list Scotland+England and then click its route map button. If you haven't already used this system, please try it out: zoom in repeatedly for amazing detail!


What's new on the forums?

Have you visited our forums recently? There are new videos from the summit of Roseberry Topping (on the Cleveland Way) and High Pike (on the Cumbria Way). Have you heard the latest news from the Speyside Way? There are new bunkhouses on the Kintyre Way, photos of waymarkers on the Cumbria Way and a bombshell about the famous Lord Stones. And each book's forum contain a reminder of how to claim your discount.


How long is your ideal day?

We'd like to know more about your walking preferences, especially your ideal daily distance when walking a mutli-day trail. This will help us to optimise the breakdowns in future guidebooks. You are welcome to email us, but forum members will find it quicker to vote in our poll. This offers five distance bands from under 11 miles (17.7 km) to over 17 miles (27.4 km). Please help us by recording your preference. As I write, only 4 people had voted, so your vote will definitely count!


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