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Loyalty discount


Rucksack Readers invites you to consider a different kind of present, for those who follow the road less travelled. The gift of a guidebook sends a message of belief that the recipient could achieve the hike. We also offer special giftpacks for the Dales Way, Moray Way and Pocket Summits.

Your loyalty discount for 2012 is RRloyalty12 and works, now and for ever, to cut the price of books ordered online (other than in giftpacks) by 10%. Buy now, or for a more drastic (but temporary) discount, read on.


3-for-2 on all books until 19 December

three books

At the Dundee Mountain Film Festival, our 3-for-2 offer proved very popular. So here is the same generous offer for you: order ANY three books and we will charge you for just two of them: Buy now.

There are no strings or catches: the exact offer is that for every online order of books totalling at least GBP32, you will receive an immediate discount of GBP10.99 - saving 33% on nearly all titles - use the discount code newsletter45. This offer applies until 19 December, unlike the loyalty discount which is permanent. Why not have a look? Buy now.


New releases in 2011

This year we have brought you three new titles and five revised/updated editions: the yellow panel Recently released on our Home page links to them all.

The new titles (pictured above) are:

Hadrian's Wall Path

The Dales Way

South Downs Way