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The Machu Picchu centenary: save £2.50

Explore the Inca Trail cover

July 1911 was the month that Hiram Bingham "discovered" Machu Picchu, and to celebrate we have created a new third edition of our guidebook Explore the Inca Trail. This has many improvements, including an expanded section on wildlife to whet your appetite. We are indebted to John Hemming (author of The Conquest of the Incas) for reading and commenting on this edition in detail.

Look at the fresh sample pages here.  Pre-order to save £2.50 and get your advance copy (expected late August): no discount code needed, simply pre-order.


The Kintyre Way: new edition

The Kintyre Way cover

This route has evolved since our first edition of 2007 and we've just made lots of updates and improvements and given it a fresh cover.  Pre-order it here – we should be shipping it within 3 weeks.

We still have a few copies of the existing edition so if you need one urgently, please contact us. We can send you the route updates (covered in full by the new edition).


Trailblaze update

For those who care about the National Trails of England and Wales: the anti-Trailblaze petition is gaining momentum but still needs more signatures. BBC television ran the story on South East Today last week: see the video clip here.