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Detailed route maps on our website


This newsletter brings you news of a major upgrade to our website.  We've been spending countless hours with Google maps to bring you detailed route overlays.  If you haven't tried these yet, please do! Because the maps are editable, we can respond to your wishlist, and have already added features based on comments from forum users.  

Note that the West Highland Way map has an update showing its likely new terminus as recently announced.

Be sure to zoom in and try satellite view as well as terrain. Use "search nearby" to locate B&Bs, pubs and campsites. Try our link to "View larger map" to make the most of this facility.

So far we have created route maps for the following:

These maps aren't just invaluable for planning your walk. I found the process of tracing walks I have done full of reminiscent and "aha" moments, compulsive viewing. Please tell us what you think. And if the route you want hasn't been done yet, please email us: it could change our priorities.

Thanks for reading, happy hiking, Jacquetta