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Newsletter No 30 November 2009

Dear Subscriber

Welcome to our November 2009 newsletter 30. Sorry for the long silence, we've been postponing until we had news worth telling. Sadly our new website isn't quite ready yet, so we can't send you straight to the pages on our new titles, but our December newsletter will provide links and more info. Below are three items: a discount offer (to 15 December) and our two new titles.
1. Give the gift of surprise (GBP3 discount)
2. The Coast to Coast: St Bees to Robin Hood's Bay
3. St Cuthbert's Way: Melrose to Lindisfarne

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1. Give the gift of surprise (GBP3 discount)

When I left my last real job, a colleague amazed me by giving me a newly published book: the first edition of the Official Guide to a walk called the West Highland Way. I was surprised because (a) I hadn't heard of it and (b) at the time I had no interest in walking. That was in 1981, and although I was taken aback, I was also oddly flattered, that he thought I was the kind of person who might be up for it.

It was 17 years later that it became my very first experience of a long walk, leading indirectly to the formation of Rucksack Readers. Today, 28 years later, the guidebook I created as a labour of love is on its third edition and still selling well. So maybe that colleague knew me better than I realised?

At this time of year everybody is seeking ideas for presents. Maybe somebody you know would be surprised (in a good way) to receive a Rucksack Reader? We post items direct to any address (free P&P in the UK): just email us BEFORE you place the order if you want us to include a personal greeting or an instruction "not to be opened before ...". Or use the discount to treat yourself to the books you want anyway. This subscriber offer is GBP3 off with minimum spend of GBP15 and the code you need is RRnewsletter30 - enter this at step 2 of the order process. This offer is valid until 15 December, just over two weeks away.

2. The Coast to Coast: St Bees to Robin Hood's Bay - March 2010, £12.50

We are very excited about this one: England's most popular walk, the Coast to Coast. Julia Bradbury's TV programmes may have already have whetted your appetite. Author Sandra Bardwell researched this this summer (can you remember summer, anyone?) and we are thrilled to have seens its proofs looking great.

This book contains many innovations, including 28 pages of easy-to-use large-scale Footprint mapping and section-by-section altitude profiles. (We immediately realised that 64 pages and a map flap wouldn't do justice to a 184-mile route, so this books has 112 pages.) But we have retained the RR features that we know you like: waterproof paper, open-flat binding and a sensible price for the whole package of GBP12.50.

People in Britain say that there are two kinds of walkers: those who have done the Coast to Coast and those who are planning to. Now I've spent so long over the proofs, I have definitely joined the second category.

3. St Cuthbert's Way: Melrose to Lindisfarne - March 2010, £10.99

Finally, the ideal walk for first-timers: follow the footsteps of St Cuthbert from Melrose to Lindisfarne over an easy-going five or six days with wonderful scenery, good waymarking and no long strenuous gradients or unduly boggy bits. If you have an adventurous streak, try the barefoot finale across the Pilgrims' Path (tidal mud and sand). For further challenge, author Ronald Turnbull has provided a high-level option from Kirk Yetholm to Wooler over the Cheviot (815m/2674ft).

I walked the route relying on his directions in a magic short spell in August and was captivated by this lovely route. You walk past ruined abbeys, castles and hill forts and end on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. Although I met hardly any other walkers, I had close encounters with brown hare, heron and roe deer.

With best wishes and thanks for reading

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