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Newsletter No 23 May 2008

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Below are three items:

  1. Arran Coastal Way
  2. Our new 1, 2, 3 approach to p&p charges
  3. Wicklow Way news

1. Arran Coastal Way

Thanks to great service from our printers we just published this book 4 weeks early, on 10 April. If you haven't looked yet, please visit where you'll find an online quiz, as well as the usual sample pages, gallery and even a review. The launch event (Rotarians around Arran) is still taking place on 2/3 May. Please have a look at the gallery at - it's an amazing island with incredibly approachable wildlife. Visually, we believe this is our best book yet.

2. Our new 1, 2, 3 approach to p&p charges

Unlike almost any other online bookstore, we have just LOWERED our p&p charges. Air Mail to Europe now costs only GBP2 for the first item plus GBP1.50 per extra item. Sadly, outside Europe Air Mail charges went up significantly in April, and we were losing money fast on these orders. So we have a new worldwide rate of GBP3 for the first item plus GBP3 per extra item. We still charge nothing for packing, just Air Mail postage at cost. (And if you aren't in too much of a hurry, remember that in North America any bookstore can get our books through Interlink who distribute for us.)

What about us, you may ask, if you live in the UK and have been enjoying our free p&p for years? Well, 2nd class letter post is STILL FREE, but by popular request we have included an option for First Class at only £1 extra PER ORDER. So if you've left it a bit late, it only costs £1 to speed things up. Compare that with Amazon Marketplace's £2.75 PER BOOK and you'll see that it's good value.

So for a single book, it's GBP1, 2, 3 for UK First Class, Europe or worldwide, with the standard UK service still free.

3. Wicklow Way news

I returned to Wicklow in February and found a large number of changes. The good news it that it's no longer necessary to walk miles at the start/finish of each section, nor rely on lifts, thanks to new B&Bs in strategic places. In fact we have a table in our new edition showing how it's possible to walk the entire Way with only 3 km (2 mi) of extra distance and no lifts!

The long-awaited re-route near Roundwood has finally been implemented (slightly differently from the announced plan), there has been lots of clear-felling which has opened up new views, and we have made many small improvements and refreshed the photographs.

For information on the new edition, please visit

PS Rob Roy Way: for those who missed our last newsletter, there's been a major route improvement to this walk. For your free copy of the upgrade sheet, visit and download the PDF by clicking the red link (2nd paragraph).

With best wishes from the team at Rucksack Readers, and thanks for reading

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