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Title: gps
Post by: sue k on February 28, 2007, 04:34:23 pm
What exactly is gps? How can it help me? Is it easy to use? And is it worth the money? My navigation skills probably are not great, but fortunately have never been put to the test. I have read of gps devices for hikers and would be interested to know more.
I'm sure someone can help?  ???

Title: Re: gps
Post by: RoyHayward on March 01, 2007, 02:21:42 pm
Hi Sue,

Found that the following definition to be the most comprehensive - "GPS ( Global Positioning System ) satellite navigation units are hand-held receivers that pick up signals from satellites circling the earth, processing the information to give a read-out as a grid reference and an altitude to an accuracy of around 20m. They can be pre-programmed with a series of points along the route and will work out the bearing and distance required to reach them. However, they are not a substitute for traditional navigation and route-planning skills, which are in any case required to use GPS most effectively. Unlike compasses, GPS systems can run out of battery power and may lose satellite contact in bad conditions."
Never used one myself as I love to plan a route in detail using the guides ( Rucksack of couse ) and maps. Always carry the 'old faithful' compass.
However, I was researching a similar theme and used the Ramblers web site to see if they had a gps thread going in their forums and came across Interesting reading in that there's a feeling that it's used as a back-up in case of problems rather than the other way round.
Be great to have our own thread running but the above may help in the short term.

Title: Re: gps
Post by: sue k on March 02, 2007, 05:03:50 pm
Thanks Roy
Interesting reading the thread on the ramblers website. On consideration of what most people seem to be saying, I think I will save my money and brush up on compass skills - just in case they are needed.
sue k  :D