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Title: Update 2015 from the Cleveland Way
Post by: JennieL on August 28, 2015, 01:39:37 pm
A friend and I just walked the inland section (Helmsley to Saltburn by the Sea) and found the directions really clear and good. Also, the guidebook survived being used in very heavy rain on the first day: hooray!

Here's a couple of updates since the book was published: the Hambleton Inn, just east of Sutton Bank, has now closed: it's mentioned on pp24 and 27 as a source of food and drink, but the National Park Visitor Centre is only about 1 km further on. It's worth knowing about the recently reopened High Paradise Farm ( which has has B&B, camping, tea rooms and is only about 4 miles north of Sutton Bank, on the Cleveland Way.

Also, take heed from my daft mistake of not finding out the exact location of our B&B before setting off: because it had Cold Kirby in its address, we tramped around the village in the rain looking for it! ??? In fact, if we'd just kept going along the Way for another few miles we'd have passed it! :-[

It may be worth reminding other "townies" that in rural parts a postcode can cover a huge area, and that postal addresses often include the name of a village that may be several miles away. Always ask your B&B host where it's best to leave the Way to reach them!