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Title: Causeway Coast Way
Post by: sue k on May 03, 2015, 04:26:29 pm
My daughter and I are planning to walk the Causeway Coast Way next month. I have the trusty Rucksack Reader to guide us, but I have found details of the route on ( which suggest walking from west to east rather than the opposite direction as suggested by the Rucksack Reader. Does anyone know which direction is preferable? We aim to stay overnight and walk on Rathlin Island on our last day, so it seems practical to walk from Portstewart in the west to Ballycastle in the east and then hop on the ferry to Rathlin. Has anyone walked this route?
Happy walking again  :D

Title: Re: Causeway Coast Way
Post by: Jacquetta on May 03, 2015, 04:46:56 pm
Great if others can comment on this too, but my own view is that you could walk this route in either direction. You are less likely to have the wind in your face if you go west to east, and the star attraction of Giant's Causeway falls in the middle either way.  We arranged the book so that anybody completing the Moyle Way at Ballycastle could follow on either with Rathlin Island or the Causeway Coast Way, but that is irrelevant to your plans.

By the way, I don't think the WalkNI ( website does the route any favours by describing it as a two-day walk. Of course most people could cover the distance in that time, but what's the point of rushing through Ireland's only natural World Heritage Site without having time to explore it? I do hope you allow yourself the three days that we suggest for the route, especially when you remember the possible constraint of tide times affecting both ends of White Park Bay: see page 47 of our guidebook (