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Title: Kintyre Way route improvements
Post by: Kintyre Way Ranger on December 12, 2013, 03:26:39 pm
Hello all

I'm the new route manager for the Kintyre Way. I just wanted to let you know of some exciting new projects we have on the go at the moment. Building on the already great work that has gone on before, we are using a coastal communities fund to help employ and train 3 trainees and an employability maintenance squad. They are helping the management team to extend the route from its southern terminus, Dunaverty/Southend and continue the route round to Campbeltown. We have identified new routes to allow us to remove more dangerous road walking, so bear with us whilst we go through the process of securing permissions etc. The extension should be on the ground and ready to walk by early spring 2014. Website and leaflet are being updated and redesigned as we speak.

Look for us on facebook The Kintyre Way and twitter @kintyreway here you will be able to follow our progress and find out about some interesting sponsorship opportunities and more about what the CCF project is about.

e-mail me with any questions or comments