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Title: Dales Way route updates
Post by: Jacquetta on July 29, 2013, 04:58:13 pm
We list the Dales Way Association under Links ( on our website page and its site is worth checking before you set off. Note that their route updates page ( currently does not list the important Watershed Alternative, which you can also download from here ( Also, beware of the date: the update listed as 2013 was in fact changed many years ago so for most people it isn't an update. If you have our 2011 guidebook, we think the only update you need to know about is the Watershed Alternative, which was announced after our guidebook was published: download the PDF (

The highly recommended alternative route from Cam Houses into Upper Dentdale is in two sections: you can opt to walk either or both.

The section from Cam Houses to Newby Head is 1.5 miles shorter than the official route and after a short climb offers fine views most of the way, in addition to saving time/distance. The second section, from Newby Head to Arten Gill or Lea Yeat is about 2.5 miles longer than the main-road official route, but is largely traffic-free along an old drove road. It greatly reduces the on-road walking, takes you to a higher point (550 m/1805 ft) than the official route and offers wonderful views down Dentdale, framed by the fells.

If you do both sections of the alternative route, it would add about a mile (half an hour) to your total walking time, with great benefits in terms of quality.

These options will be added to the foot of page 41 once we reach a new edition.