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Title: The view from Roseberry Topping
Post by: Jacquetta on June 26, 2012, 04:00:43 pm
While hiking the Cleveland Way in March, I captured the view from the summit of Roseberry Topping. The video starts by facing east (just north of due east) along the line of the ascent route, and pans anticlockwise. Sorry about the wind noise.  Can anybody help by identifying some of the places on this wonderful short stiff climb on the Cleveland Way? (

Title: Re: The view from Roseberry Topping
Post by: gordonsimm on June 26, 2012, 08:01:35 pm
Can anybody help by identifying some of the places
Hi Jacquetta, that's easy - I've been there a couple of times myself  ;)

Yes it goes anti-clockwise ....

At the start the view direction is along the line of the "approach" path that you walked-up. There is a girl in a green top. Over her left shoulder you can see the edge of Slacks Wood, and above her head is Newton Moor. To her right and above the thin metal post you can easily pick-out Highcliff Nab exactly 2 miles away.

After 2 seconds a good part of Guisborough is in the centre with the north sea distant beyond. The southernmost parts of the town are obscured by Hanging Stone Wood - another good view-point at a similar elevation to Roseberry Topping.

After 4 seconds the distinctive flat treeless top of Bousdale Hill is in the centre - flanked with forestry all round.

After 7 seconds with Pinchinthorpe Hall in the centre (among trees) you are looking due north.

After 11 seconds with the small village of Newton under Roseberry coming into view at the foot, all the industrial skyline of Teesside is on the horizon in the centre.

After 20 seconds Great Ayton is coming into the centre of the frame 1.5 miles away. Beyond is Stokesley 4 miles away, and you are looking southwest. Beyond both towns the Cleveland Hills are now silhouetted against the sky. From right to left as you are seeing them that's Carlton Moor, Cringle Moor, Cold Moor, Hasty Bank and Urra Moor.

Pausing the clip at 24 seconds I can pick out, behind the man with shaven head, Aireyholme Farm where James Cook spent his boyhood. It's just over half a mile away - due south.

From 29 seconds to the end at 34 seconds, Cook's Monument on Easby Moor is straight ahead - in line with the bicycle handlebar.

I bet you were using that walking pole/monopod to support the camera? You almost got 360 degrees.

I must have a go at this sometime (video) ...
All the best, Gordon

Title: Re: The view from Roseberry Topping
Post by: Jacquetta on June 26, 2012, 08:18:22 pm
Thanks a million!  I would have guessed bits of that, got other bits wrong and spent ages pondering over the map wondering about the rest! ???

Yep, the walking pole with monopod head was deffo an asset.

Now I know where things are I must try to find out how to do captions properly: would be better than all that wind noise ... but could turn into an alternative career if I don't watch out. :o