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Title: South Loch Ness Trail
Post by: Jack on April 11, 2012, 12:48:51 pm
Does anybody out there have any information, on the new South Loch Ness Trail. Are there any maps available, campsites wild or otherwise etc. all information gratefully received.


Title: Re: South Loch Ness Trail
Post by: Jacquetta on April 11, 2012, 01:10:24 pm
Hello Jack
Good question, at first it seemed hard to find out much at all, but it seems to be a 28-mile subset of the 50-mile Trail of the Seven Lochs which seems to bring more search results, for example from Visit Loch Ness ( This has links to two downloads with separate maps for the north loop ( and south loop (

There's also some useful content on the LDWA website ( with a route profile and stuff about accommodation, although I am baffled to know how the hostel they mention is within 5 km of the route unless you are willing to swim across Loch Ness!

The Visit Loch Ness website links to accommodation ( but not yet, so far as I can see, a guidebook.  Maybe we should think about that? Thanks for pointing it out and has anybody out there walked or ridden it yet?

Title: Re: South Loch Ness Trail
Post by: Jack on April 11, 2012, 03:16:24 pm
Hi Jacquetta

Thanks for the information, at least I'm pointing in the right direction now. I was thinking of doing this route as far as Fort William, then turning back and going along the Great Glen Way back to Inverness, circling the whole of Loch Ness!


Title: Re: South Loch Ness Trail
Post by: sandrahal on April 12, 2012, 06:34:11 pm
Hi Jack
I think I can add a bit to the info provided by Jacquetta.  Go to this website (  where you'll find downloadable maps, links to accommodation and trail notes.  Confusingly perhaps, the 7 Lochs Trail is a loop off the SLNT, more or less, so it does offer potential for a somewhat longer walk.

The drawbacks to think about are public transport: nothing to Loch Tarff so you'd need a taxi from Fort Augustus; limited from Torbreck itself, though it's not much further to a road which features on more bus routes operating out of Inverness.  Or you might just fancy walking all the way into Inverness – there are roadside footpaths all the way, and you'd link to the Great Glen Way a mile or so from its end.   I think DE coaches operate the routes on the south side, whereas routes closer to Inverness are run by Stagecoach.

Accommodation may be a problem - there's not much of it since the area is much more rural and sparsely populated than the other side of the loch.  Camping might be possible though your only chances would be in Forestry Commission land.  Have a look at this website ( which may be helpful.  Having said all that, it's very attractive countryside with plenty of fine views and much historical interest.

I see from your post below that you're thinking of doing the route 'as far as Fort William' - presumably you meant Fort Augustus, but bear in mind that Loch Tarff is some distance from Fort A - along a narrow winding road which I wouldn't recommend as a walking route.  I do hope you can make something of this - good luck.

Best wishes
Sandra Bardwell (resident of Drumnadrochit on the GGW)

Title: Re: South Loch Ness Trail
Post by: Jack on April 13, 2012, 10:14:22 am
Hi Sandra

Thank you for all your sound advice, and you are correct I did mean Fort Augustus! I have in the past walked the full length of the GGW, and had a great time doing it. I will go into SLNT in greater detail and see if I can plan out my circular walk, once again thanks for all your help.