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Title: Hugh Thomson on Machu Picchu (Radio 4)
Post by: Jacquetta on October 08, 2011, 05:21:08 pm
I've just been listening to Hugh Thomson on Hiram Bingham and about who first discovered Machu Picchu. He explores what the centenary of his 24 July 1911 "discovery" actually means and interviews some very interesting people including John Hemming, and has footage from Cusco recorded in July as well as excerpts of Bingham's reminiscences. The 30-minute programme (broadcast on 5 October) makes great listening for Inca Trail aficionados, but may be available on iPlayer only for a while, so follow this link ( while you can. (The BBC says it will be available until January 2099 but I am sceptical of this.)

If you read this post too late to benefit, however, you will find nearly all of the programme's information content in Thomson's preface to Bingham's autobiography Lost City of the Incas (ISBN 978-1-84212-585-4) which we recommend in our new edition of Explore the Inca Trail (

Title: Re: Hugh Thomson on Machu Picchu (Radio 4)
Post by: JennieL on April 24, 2012, 03:34:37 pm
I'm delighted to say your scepticism is misplaced, Jacquetta! :)

I was very frustrated when I saw this post because I've just been reading your guidebook and thought I'd missed out on hearing Hugh Thomson. :( But I tried the link anyway and it works just fine, even over 6 months later. :D  So maybe it will last until 2099 but I won't be around to confirm this. :o

Meantime it's still available to all of us, which is great.  It's a fascinating programme with dramatised readings and great interviews intercut with contemporary recordings made on location at the time of the centenary, BBC Radio 4 at its best.