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Title: Route query: returning to Brodick from Dunan
Post by: JennieL on June 09, 2011, 11:05:24 am
I walked almost all of the Arran Coastal Way last year, but was disappointed not to be able to complete the final section of shore walk into Brodick due to "some difficulties" (according to a signpost on the beach) which directed me inland to Corriegills, and inland into Brodick. A year later, I was dismayed to find that diversion still in place. Given the general freedoms available to walkers in Scotland, this seems very surprising. Can anybody explain why this restriction has crept in? Is there any hope of resolving the issue?
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Title: Re: Route query: returning to Brodick from Dunan
Post by: Jacquetta on June 09, 2011, 12:35:46 pm
Thanks for drawing attention to this route change, Jennie.  Temporary diversions that become permanent can be confusing.  When we revised our guidebook ( early in 2011, we still showed the coastal route as the main Way but marked the scenic inland road route as an alternative.  I have a feeling that this has changed for good reasons, and that the Corriegills Road approach should perhaps be the main Way now.

If this is correct, we need to ask the local people if the signage could be updated.

Title: Re: Route query: returning to Brodick from Dunan
Post by: AlastairBilsland on June 13, 2011, 06:04:10 pm
I am one of the founder members of the Arran Coastal Way committee, and although this group has now been disbanded and merged with the Arran Access Trust, I can speak for the Way. The original route from Dunan followed the shoreline until just north of the old Brodick rubbish dump and used a clearly defined path from the shoreline through a vacant commercial plot on to the tarmac service road, leading straight to Brodick pier past the timber loading operations.

Three problems now make the original route impossible:
a) The landowner leased the last vacant plot to a plant hire firm and they (reasonably enough) fenced off their plot to stop members of the public from wandering through their yard. This closed off the route from the shore to the service road.
b) If walkers try to continue along the shore they would have to walk under and around the loading operations of the timber barges -  definitely dangerous when heavy machinery is loading barges with huge lengths of cut timber.
c) When we approached the local council to get permission for a route through the rubbish dump, they cited all sorts of health and safety reasons why this was impossible, from excavators working on the site to a problem with methane gas.

Every town has an industrial area and this is where Brodick's one has grown up. It is now well screened by trees and not easily seen from the approaching ferry. Fortunately, there is an attractive alternative, it being much better to walk up the path from the Dunan through Corriegills with a fabulous view of all the Arran hills before the short descent to the pier.  When the guidebook ( goes to its next edition, this will be shown as the main and only route back into Brodick.

I very much hope you have enjoyed your holiday on Arran and that you will continue to enjoy our (almost) unspoilt island.