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Title: Kintyre Way
Post by: sue k on February 06, 2007, 09:50:17 am
Hi there!
Has anyone walked the Kintyre Way yet? My daughter and I are planning to do it in May, and we are looking for any helpful advice. I've read 2 newspaper articles from walkers who have done the walk, and both have described serious bog between Claonaig and Clachan - any news about that? Is it still boggy?
I look forward to hearing from you
sue k :-\

Title: Re: Kintyre Way
Post by: RoyHayward on February 07, 2007, 09:37:03 am
Hi Sue,
Always interested in walks in Scotland and wasn't aware of this one so looked it up. I found the KW web site very informative at I tend to use these web sites as they provide useful info to plan side walks to other places of interest if not directly on the walk itself - if you've got the time of course. I also use the web site 'helpdesks' in this case to give up to date information -- after all they look after the walk and live or die by the feedback given to other walkers by ourselves.
Hope that helps.

Title: Re: Kintyre Way
Post by: sue k on February 08, 2007, 10:31:10 am
Hi Roy
Thanks for your input.  Yes, Ive read the website and its very helpful but having emailed their help desk twice with no response, I thought I would try this forum for answers to my questions regarding the bog, and is the Kintyre way marked on any maps yet.
Perhaps there is someone out there who can help - if not, I will report here after the walk if we are not swallowed up by the bog!!
regards, sue k :-\

Title: Re: Kintyre Way
Post by: bsmyth on February 08, 2007, 11:10:22 am
My friend and I looked at this with a view to walking it this year. I have also read about the boggy areas in bad weather, which for me goes with the territory, particularly on the westerly extremes of the mainland, but what led us to decide deferring this walk is there appears to be a lack of availability of accommodation at strategic stopping points on the walk. We thought it wise to leave it another year to let the Trail and"infrastructure" develop and will probably look at it again next year.
Good luck with your walk. I look forward to hearing how you get on and hopefully pick up a few good tips. Afraid I am past the stage of pioneering and like a few creature comforts en route, in particular a baggage transfer service - helps make it more enjoyable for me.


Title: Re: Kintyre Way
Post by: Jacquetta on February 08, 2007, 12:24:36 pm
To sue k, as far as I know the only map more detailed than on the free leaflet is the downloadable version of Ordnance Survey mapping on the official website at and presumably not yet available as a printed edition.  These are free and zoomable to 600% but not convenient compared with published maps.

As far as the boggy bit goes, I understand that they are starting a programme of work to address the problem area within the next two months. The route will be moved very slightly to avoid one of the bog areas and drains will be dug, and a new fence will also be erected across a section of the hill making the route easier to follow.

Let's hope this work is completed in time for you to benefit!

Title: Re: Kintyre Way
Post by: sue k on February 08, 2007, 05:11:14 pm
Thanks Jacquetta!
I'll let you know how we get on - I'm probably just a bit anxious becuse I won't have a reliable Rucsack Reader in my hand as I walk!
Regards, sue k :D

Title: Re: Kintyre Way
Post by: Bonnie Lass on February 11, 2007, 04:13:04 pm
I understand that they intend the route to be moved slightly to avoid the boggy area and that further drainage work will done. A fence will be erected so that the route is easy to follow across the hill section.  :)

Title: Kintyre Way
Post by: MP on February 12, 2007, 04:20:13 pm
As a provider of guided and self guided trips along long-distance paths over a goodly number of years, I have found that, for the first few years some sections gradually get squashier. After a while this gets to a point when remedial work is carried out. Some forethought at the planning stage might have avoided this but hindsight is a wonderful thing. It's good that this is being attended to so soon. Two choices then - get in there at the start and become part of the Kintyre Way legend (I did it when it was really challenging), or wait until it becomes much easier.

If you're having problems solving the logistics, there are folk out there who can do this for you. A wee search on the internet should reveal some solutions. Otherwise I'm sure over time there will be a well oiled mechanism in place. Do beware, however, of accommodation providers who offer to do pick ups and drop offs - always ask if they have a private hire or PCV licence to cover this. Insurance can be invalidated if there is an accident in the absence of this.

It's grand to see so much interest in Scotland's newest Way and it will be great when the new guide book becomes available.


Title: Re: Kintyre Way
Post by: sue k on February 12, 2007, 07:43:38 pm
Hi MP!
Good to hear from you.
We are definitely walking the Way in May, bog or not, although it certainly looks as if the situation may have improved by then.  We have had to cross a few boggy areas in ours few years of walking, and fully appreciate that its better avoided if at all possible. Bogs are certain to slow the rate of progress, and if one is booked into accommodation along the route and the daylight is fading, rate of progress can be all important!
We are looking forward to our latest adventure, and all information is helpful for an enjoyable time.
Thanks, sue k :)

Title: Re: Kintyre Way
Post by: Da PAN on March 06, 2007, 10:45:10 am
Hello @all!

We are planning to walk the Kintyre Way on end of april/ beginning of may. We just booked our flights :)


Title: Re: Kintyre Way
Post by: JennieL on March 10, 2007, 09:50:01 am
Welcome Henry
Being nosy here: "just booked our flights" does that mean you're visiting from outside the UK, and if so what made you choose the Kintyre Way?  Or are you flying to Glasgow or even Campbeltown??

Title: Re: Kintyre Way
Post by: Da PAN on March 15, 2007, 11:40:20 am
Hi Jennie,

sorry for the delayed answer. At the moment I am down with influenza.

Yes, we are not from from the UK. We are from Berlin, Germany. There is a direct flight from here to Glasgow. We will stay there for one day to complete our equipment since a lot of things we need like gas cartridges are not allowed on planes. Hopefully we will find the bus station to get to Kintyre ;)
Originally, we wanted to walk the WHW but we had to reschedule this. So the the Kintyre Way seemed to be a more than appropriate alternative.

Regards from Berlin

Title: Re: Kintyre Way
Post by: JennieL on March 15, 2007, 04:11:50 pm
Great to be chatting to hikers from Berlin, Henry :D   You can fly GLA/Campbeltown with BA from GBP28 each way in May and that would save ages compared trekking into Glasgow to catch a bus.  Then you could buy your camping gaz in Campbeltown!  It's the same airport – unless you're with Ryanair who fly to "Glasgow Prestwick" which is actually 30 miles away :o  Might be worth looking at connection times with your flight as I think there's only two flights a day (leaving GLA 0900 and 1630).  Actually Glasgow is a great city to visit, and you could break your journey if you want to see it properly.

Hope to hear how you get on, regards, Jennie