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Title: 2-day walk
Post by: sue k on August 26, 2010, 02:25:16 pm
I have done no 'serious' walking for about 18months due to ill health, but am desperate to get moving again!
I am looking for suggestions. I think I can manage about 10miles per day and am hoping someone out there
can suggest a good route for 2 days walking, not too strenuous. It can be a circular or linear route because I
can arrange for my husband to drop us off and then pick us up 2 days later.
I have been looking at Bridge of Cally to Kirkmichael, to Spittal of Glenshee, but maybe this is a bit strenuous
for the second day? :-\
Please let me know your thoughts

Title: Re: 2-day walk
Post by: bsmyth on August 28, 2010, 08:19:03 am
I haven't walked these walks you describe although I have walked the Blairgowrie to Bridge of Cally section which is not difficult (c 7 miles).
Depending on where you live you may wish to consider sections of the Fife Coastal Path. In addition to the recommended sections, you can really start and finish each day's walk where you wish. Most of the path is easily accessed. It is well signposted. Here is one of many web links -
Leven to St Andrews is more attractive and interesting than other sections. However that is a personal opinion.
You can walk the Angus coast too. Broughty Ferry - Monifieth - Carnoustie - Arbroath - Montrose, tho' from Lunan Bay to Scurdie Ness  is mostly on back roads and away from the coast line. The Monifieth - Carnoustie section is all on a level tarrred path and skirts around Buddon Ness camp so you will not be shot at!!!.
I would have thought accommodation on either of these walks should be easy to get.
Good luck.

Title: Re: 2-day walk
Post by: Jacquetta on August 28, 2010, 09:27:49 am
Hello Sue
Great to hear you're getting back into walking and good luck with the first venture.  If you are still based in Carnoustie, Brian's suggestion is a really good one, and I say this even though we don't have a guidebook for it!

If you've already done the FCP, another suggestion is a section of Moray Coast Trail ( which is largely flat and has stunning coastal scenery.  For an easy, spectacular section I'd suggest start at Lossiemouth or Kingston and walk to the end at Cullen with an overnight at Buckie (overall distance up to 23 miles but you could shorten that by starting east of Lossie).  Your route would take in beach walking, crossing the magnificent Garmouth Viaduct, views of skerries and stacks and the wildlife of Spey Bay.  Near its end you pass by the iconic Bow Fiddle Rock at Portknockie. 

Although our new guidebook isn't actually printed yet, it's just about ready for repro and if you are tempted by this walk, we could support you with a PDF of all the relevant bits. 

The FCP is handier for you, but the  MCT would be more of an adventure ???, so it depends what you are looking for.  Good luck whatever you decide! :D

Oh, and on your original idea, Kirkmichael to Spittal is only 8 miles and although the ascent to the Lairig Gate takes you over 2000 ft, the terrain is good and you can break the hike at Upper Lunch Hut.  So it doesn't sound over-ambitious but you will know best what is realistic.

Title: Re: 2-day walk
Post by: sue k on August 28, 2010, 01:43:58 pm
Thanks to you both for your responses. I have walked quite a bit of the Fife coastal trail, and the Angus coastal sections are rather closer to home than I am looking for, since I live in Carnoustie. I am certainly tempted by your suggestion of the Moray coast, Jacquetta - we have walked the Speyside way, so this would be an interesting add-on to that. I would be really peased if you could send me some info on that.
I have ruled out the first idea of the walk up to Spittal, I am not realistically up for a hike like that yet - I need somewhere on more level terrain. The only other thought I have is the West Island Way, which I have just read about in the pages of the Rucsacs reader of the Cowal Way - that looks interesting, although it would take me 3 days to complete it all. Has anyone done that walk?
I shall let you know what I decide, and how I get on.  ::)
Thanks again

Title: Re: 2-day walk
Post by: bsmyth on August 28, 2010, 02:06:42 pm
Now I have a better idea of what you may be looking for have a look at the Borders Abbeys Way ( There are some consecutive sections which may interest you.
Good luck!