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Title: Waymarkers above Old Spittal Farm
Post by: karinsmiles on April 06, 2010, 08:14:09 pm
Where the path uphill meets the deer fence just above Old Spittal Farm, the waymarker is on the uphill side of the gate, so I went through the gate and then tracked to the right along the deer fence, following the arrow. The path got rougher and more indistinct and then I realised there was a waymarker on the other side of the fence. I  scaled the deer fence to get back on the path, but I'm wondering where I went wrong.

Does anyone know whether I should have stayed below the deer fence all the way, ignoring the fact that the waymarker was beyond the gate,  or did I miss a gate that took the path back below the fence at some point?

I ran the sections from Kirkton of Glenisla to Alyth, Bridge of Cally to Kirkmichael and Kirkmichael to Glenisla over the weekend and  though I had to consult the map or check the Rucksack Reader notes a few times this is the only place I went wrong. I had company over this section so I think I might have been less vigilant about checking for markers, but I know I'm not the only person to have gone wrong here; there were bootprints along the 'wrong' path and the organiser of this year's Cateran Trail Race describes making the same mistake (which unfortunately didn't help me since I just repeated it  :-[ ).

Title: Re: Waymarkers above Old Spittal Farm
Post by: Andy on April 13, 2010, 09:53:28 am
The Trail travels past the cottage near the Tomb through a gate on a deer fence turning right across a bridge. There is another gate on a deer fence on the other side of the burn. Go through this and follow the waymarkers to the Kerrow then onto Runavey. I can send you a map if you drop me an email