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Title: Deaths and injuries on the Inca Trail
Post by: Jacquetta on February 09, 2010, 10:10:55 am
Up to 11 people have been reported killed and more have been injured in mudslides and related incidents.  About 3900 people were reported stranded and helicopters were used for evacuation.  Extreme weather in December/January, with mudslides, landslides and torrential rain, has left Machu Picchu inaccessible by train until repairs are made.  The trail's annual closure month is February (for maintenance), but it remains to be seen how later departures are affected by the unprecedented conditions.
According to the Sunday Times (7.2.10) Exodus has cancelled its 10 March departure and "is reviewing" later dates.  If you are organised to reach Machu Picchu by hiking the Inca Trail, you should check with your tour operator.