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Title: "Wild camping" on Dingle Way
Post by: JackE on December 10, 2009, 08:19:31 am
Is it possible discreetly to camp "wild" on the DW?   I haven't camped in Ireland for over 25 years and perhaps things have changed.

Some of my most memorable wild pitches have been on the amazing beaches/headlands of Ireland's west coast.  As far as possible, I always ask permission from the landowner and adhere to the "leave no trace" principle.

Title: Re: "Wild camping" on Dingle Way
Post by: sandrahal on December 10, 2009, 07:54:33 pm
Hello Jack
According to the official website (  "For the most part, camping is only permitted in official sites.  In many cases though, local landowners don't mind people camping as long as permission is sought in advance, due care is taken and the country code is respected."

Though I haven't camped along the Way myself, I think you'd need to be fully prepared for coping with dodgy water supplies (sheep) and difficulties in finding someone to ask for permission, not to mention discreet sites.

In any event, if you're keen, why not give it a go, but be prepared to retreat to commercial campsites, where they're available.

Enjoy the walk!
Best wishes