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Title: Cows!
Post by: LLpops on September 18, 2009, 02:11:34 pm
Just back from trying to walk from Spittal to Glenisla on the Cateran Trail. I'd only been walking for about 35 minutes when I came across a field containing 4 bulls, and assorted cows with calves.  As I approached the stile one of the bulls came to his feet and moved towards me. Very intimidating! I decided that I would NOT be walking across the field past them and retreated back to my vehicle at the Spittal. By the way I was wearing only dark quiet colours and did not have a dog with me.

What are the rules about putting animals into fields that the Trail crosses? Surely it can't be right to put walkers into this situation.

Title: Re: Cows!
Post by: Loon Dod on October 20, 2009, 01:25:05 pm
I dont know what the rules are, but the trail runs through numerous farmers' fields many of which have cows, calves and bulls in them.

I can guess the bit you mean its quite a large area.  There are some bit later on where the field are small and you have to pass between the animals.

Colour of clothing makes no odds to cattle, I have run the route plenty times and just get past them and pay them no heed. I don't have a dog and would not take a dog on parts of the Cateran Trail due to the amount of livestock on it.