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Title: Update on route changes (walker from Cork)
Post by: Jacquetta on August 25, 2009, 07:09:22 am
A walker from Cork was in touch recently, having completed the Dingle Way with her family using our guidebook (  She reports that signage is much improved, and there's a welcome new steel bridge just after the pier turn-off in Dunquin (DĂșn Chaoin).  That means readers can disregard our remarks about fording or diverting around the steam at the foot of p44.

She also points out, and this is both amazing and embarrassing, because the mistake has been there since our first ed in 2003, that we have a typo on page 35. :-[ About 1 km south of the road junction in Camp you bear right, not left!  We are not proud of this, but think better to 'fess up! :)

I'd like to believe the fact that nobody has pointed it out before means that nobody has been led astray by it!  Anyway, this and other improvements will be made to the third edition idc.  And a free book is on its way to our helpful walker in Cork.