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Title: Kerry Way accommodation
Post by: dunetna on August 03, 2009, 05:05:48 pm

We are a couple going to do the Kerry Way in a few days. We haven't booked accomodation and don't know if we should. We prefer to decide "on the spur of the moment" whether to stay in one village or another (we like to improvise ;-)) 

Do you think we will find accomodation on the way or do you think hostals and B&B will be full in the middle of August?

Another option is to carry a tent but we don't know if free camping is allowed in Ireland. Moreover the tent is hard to carry!

Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor English ;-)

Title: Re: Kerry Way accommodation
Post by: Jacquetta on August 04, 2009, 06:37:48 am
Hello and welcome to the forum and good luck with the Kerry Way.  I don't want to sound like a wet blanket, but doing the Kerry Way (203 km) at very short notice is an ambitious project, esepcially in the height of the tourist season. :o

Being spontaneous is lovely, but August is a very busy month, and if you are relying on B&Bs, beware: many have only a few bedrooms, and they may have been booked out for months.  Even if you find space, you may find only the most expensive or out-of-the-way B&Bs have any rooms.  Be sure to phone first or you may walk extra miles only to be disappointed. :(  On arrival in Killarney (if not before, which is what is advised) go to the Tourist Information Centre

If your budget is limited, look at hostels, both An Oige  ( and Independent Holiday Hostels  ( - just click the link to visit the website.  If the hostels are full on the dates you need, it's probably going to be difficult to find a bed elsewhere.                                                           

Land in Ireland is privately owned, but there are campsites on or near the way at Killarney, Glenbeigh, Cahirciveen, Caherdaniel, Sneem and Kenmare.  Visit [url-]this website[/url] for details. Also some hostels will allow camping outside, but you have to ask first.  For baggage transfer, a big help when camping, try Irish Ways ( or Trek-Inn holidays (

I hope that helps, and do let us know how you get on.  Good luck! :)

Title: Re: Kerry Way accommodation
Post by: dunetna on August 07, 2009, 01:45:48 pm
Thanks a lot for your advice  :)

We have some experience on trekking but maybe in Ireland is better have all accomodation booked (we are Catalan). When we arrive at Killarney, we will go to tourist information and ask about what options we have. We are gonig to Killarney for about 18 days, so we can do the way very calmly.

I understand that you say wild camping is not allowed... but maybe is a good idea to carry a tent if you don't have booked accomodation. If there is any problem (if you get lost or something) maybe you can camp only for one night... Is it possible in Ireland? What do you think about it?

Finally, we would like to know if the way is well marked. In some places we have read that it is a little bit difficult and you must be an expert with the map and the compass. We have experience with this but prefer a well marked way :-)

Thanks again!