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Title: Speyside way gpx file
Post by: goldblade on June 29, 2009, 11:44:08 am

I will be walking the Speyside Way in July with my dog Maisey :)   Does anyone have a gpx file of the route I could have? 

Also, I will be camping each nights. I note that there is no campsite at Ballindalloch, but the Speyside Way website notes that I can camp at Ballindalloch Station.  i've had a quick look on google maps and I think this is basically a field by the road which is fine.  Can someone confirm?

Thanks in advance!


P.S. Did the Kintyre Way last September which was awesome! We wild-camped every day so as to do circa 13-14 miles per day rather than long and short days as documented in the Rucksack Readers  guidebook (  We were already carrying everything so it made more sense that way!!! Managed it in 6 days with a hard 20-mile slog on day 6!

Title: Re: Speyside way gpx file
Post by: Jacquetta on July 01, 2009, 07:16:34 am
Hello Brian

First, congratulations on the 6-day Kintyre Way with wild camping.  As you say, it gives you the freedom to equalise the distances, at the price of carrying much more weight.  I'm afraid we haven't really embraced GPX files although I do possess a very underused GPS handset and can see the appeal.  I am not a total Luddite but I try to minimise reliance on batteries and signal when in the wilds.  But I recognise that the walking world is moving in this direction.  Can anybody else help?

Wild camping is also an option throughout the Speyside Way, of course.  Ballindalloch Station is certainly included in the list of free campsites on page 12 of our guidebook ( (co-authored by Route Manager Jim Strachan, so it should be reliable). However, you can always double-check details with the Speyside Way rangers (email or phone 01340 881 266).

Anyway, good luck with the weather and be very careful of the cattle with Maisey.  The official advice is not to take dogs on the stretch between Ballindalloch and Cromdale (nor on the Tomintoul spur) because of territorial cattle.  If there are calves around, be particularly careful and give them an extra wide berth: protective mothers are much more dangerous than bulls! >:(  This advice is not about protecting the cattle, it is concern for the safety of the person with dog.  Should you get into difficulties, be sure to have her OFF the lead so that you and she can make separate escapes! :o

Title: Re: Speyside way gpx file
Post by: Jacquetta on October 21, 2010, 11:04:49 am
Just an update to say that the Long Distance Walkers Association supplies downloadable GPX files on all the routes in their database: visit their website ( for more info.  This service may be to members only, however.