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Title: Camping
Post by: icecream4all on June 16, 2009, 04:24:32 pm
My girlfriend and I are considering walking the Cowal Way in a few weeks. We will be carrying a tent and camping was our preference.
Is it possible to camp along this Cowal Way, whether wild camping or otherwise?

Does the guidebook provide any info on this matter?

Title: Re: Camping
Post by: Jacquetta on June 17, 2009, 08:48:48 am
Hello David

Cowal Way is a great route, with some surprises in its terrain.  The guidebook certainly mentions and maps the main campsites with facilities, namely Glendaruel (, Ardgartan and Arrochar.

Fortunately, Scotland has a very enlightened policy about wild camping, and as long as you do it responsibly, you can wild camp in many parts of Cowal.  Here's what the Scottish Outdoor Access Code (SOAC) says about wild camping:

Access rights extend to wild camping. This type of camping is lightweight, done in small numbers and only for two or three nights in any one place. You can camp in this way wherever access rights apply but help to avoid causing problems for local people and land managers by not camping in enclosed fields of crops or farm animals and by keeping well away from buildings, roads or historic structures. Take extra care to avoid disturbing deer stalking or grouse shooting. If you wish to camp close to a house or building, seek the owner’s permission. Leave no trace by:
  • taking away all your litter
  • removing all traces of your tent pitch and of any open fire (follow the guidance for lighting fires)
  • not causing any pollution.

I suggest you follow this link to the Practical A-Z guide for recreation users (  NB you have to scroll down to W to find the camping bit (even though it's now headed "Camping", no longer "Wild camping").  Access rights apply fairly widely in open country, with some obvious exceptions.

If exploiting your wild camping rights to the full, please remember your responsibilitie, and leave no trace.   Obviously it can be a sensitive issue and just one inconsiderate camper can spoil good relations between landowners and campers.

Title: Re: Camping
Post by: icecream4all on June 27, 2009, 11:45:51 am