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Title: Did you see Julia Bradbury on the Wicklow Way?
Post by: Jacquetta on November 22, 2010, 04:07:54 pm
Thanks to Eoin Reilly for sending the link to yesterday's BBC Countryfile episode ( in which Julia Bradbury visits the Wicklow Way.  The programme (available via iPlayer for only another six days) is an hour long but you can zoom the slider to the the Wicklow material at minutes 16-21 and again at minutes 33-40.

Perversely, Julia was trying to use J B Malone's original, outdated, eccentric book of Wicklow Walks instead of our up-to-date guidebook (  This may account for why she ended up back in Marlay Park instead of Clonegal!

However, it was interesting to see fellow publisher Michael O'Brien and walking enthusiast Sean Byrne of Lough Dan House ( talking about J.B. and the Way itself.  Julia Bradbury seemed obsessed with the fact that she shares Malone's initials and spent undue time trying to find out what they stood for.  But Wicklow scenery, especially Powerscourt waterfall and Lough Tay, was the real star of the show.