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Title: Update from the mountain, June 2008
Post by: Jacquetta on July 10, 2008, 04:49:35 pm
Just back from my 4th trip up Kili, and thought I'd post some updates and comments.  Since my book Explore Mount Kilimanjaro ( here's list of what's changed since 2005, with bracketed page numbers to pinpoint the bit that is being qualified or updated:

a)  Following the death of 3 American climbers (and serious injury to several Tanzanians) caused by rockfall on 4.1.2006 at Arrow Glacier Camp, the Western Breach route was closed throughout 2006/07.  Although it has been used since reopening in December 2007, it is still considered unsafe by many [page 10, 3rd para].  John Rees-Evans (a member of the investigation team) has even created a  website ( for those who want to evaluate the risks; here's a link to the report on the accident (

b) On the Machame route, it has become more common to spend 7 days than 6, splitting the pre-summit long day (Barranco-Barafu) by overnighting at Karanga Valley [page 49, para 1].  From Karanga Camp, guides now take their groups uphill north-easterly to Barafu, instead of continuing along the South Circuit path [map].  Also, on their second night most Machame groups camp at New Shira which is 1.5 km (1 mile) south of the Shira Camp that we show on our map.

c) A new topographic map of Kilimanjaro National Park ( has been published in 2008.  Its text is in both English and German, and it costs EUR12.50 +p&p from the publisher (website in German only).  The hand-drawn Tombazzi New Map of Kilimanjaro National Park has been updated several times and is readily available locally, much cheaper.

d) The route we followed this time (Lemosho) is an increasingly popular extension to the Machame route.  Because it involves a long drive on day 1 plus a longer hike from the western extreme, it takes 7 or 8 days (equivalent to Machame 6- or 7-day).  And if you want to combine Lemosho with Crater Camp, then you need to give it at least 9 days so as to acclimatise properly for camping at 5730 m (18800 ft).