Summit of Africa

Printed book £9.99

Jacquetta Megarry

At 5895 m (19,340 ft) Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain on earth. The author has summited by all the main trekking routes, and compares them in detail. She also describes the ascent of nearby Mount Meru which makes an ideal acclimatisation climb.

The book describes the habitat zones, geology and history of Mount Kilimanjaro. It contains

  • concise advice on planning and preparation
  • how to choose your route, itinerary and team
  • how to prevent and manage altitude sickness
  • details of Machame, Lemosho, Marangu and Rongai routes
  • practical tips on gear and packing
  • foldout map with all routes on the mountain
  • 98 pages with open-flat binding
  • in full colour, with 90 photographs
  • on waterproof paper.

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Kilimanjaro: Summit of Africa cover

Book data

  • Kilimanjaro: Summit of Africa
  • Jacquetta Megarry
  • 12 October 2009
  • UK price £9.99
  • 98+2pp map flap
  • 105x145 mm; weight 112g/4oz
  • ISBN: 978-1-898481-52-2

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“Colourful, concise and comprehensive: this is the guidebook I’d take up Kili.”

Sir Chris Bonington

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