Great Glen Way

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Jacquetta Megarry and Sandra Bardwell

This 5th edition of our popular guidebook was fully revised after extensive fieldwork on the High Route in 2014, and further revised in 2016. If you have a previous version, we recommend you to download section 3.5 and section 3.6 which were both rewritten, with new photographs. We also updated pages 63- 64 for the Inverness bypass diversion.

  • full details of the two High Route sections launched in August 2014
  • town plans of Fort William and Inverness
  • hill and mountain climbs including Ben Nevis
  • background on canal heritage, clan history and wildlife
  • detailed description for each section walked from Fort William to Inverness
  • summaries showing distance, terrain, food/drink stops and altitude profile
  • planning information for walkers and cyclists
  • drop-down map of the Great Glen Way in five panels (1:100,000)
  • in full colour, with 90 photographs, many of them new
  • rainproof paper throughout.

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How long is it?

There is still debate about the Great Glen Way's exact length: at its launch in 2002, the route was announced as 73 miles (117 km). For the first 9 years, that distance was almost universally quoted in publications including our guidebooks. In 2011 its length was remeasured and officially declared to be 79 miles, an increase of over 8%. We have remeasured all Great Glen Way distances and cross-checked against our Google maps route overlay and the Footprint map and we believe the true distance is nearer to 77.5 miles (125 km). In practice, you are bound to walk further than this to reach food and accommodation, and your route choices will also affect the final distance.

Our new edition divides the route into six sections (previously five). Note that from Drum to Inverness is 20 miles/32 km, making it too long for most walkers to complete comfortably in a day. We provide two ideas about how to split this section, and also on our Great Glen Way forum.

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  • Great Glen Way
  • Jacquetta Megarry and Sandra Bardwell
  • August 2014 5th ed revised 2016
  • UK price £11.99
  • 72pp+5pp map flap
  • 145x210 mm
  • ISBN: 978-1-898481-63-8

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