Explore the Inca Trail

3rd ed

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Jacquetta Megarry and Roy Davies

The third edition of our popular guidebook contains everything you need to plan and enjoy hiking a choice of three Inca Trails to Machu Picchu in Peru. It has been revised for 2011 with fresh photographs and information updated with help from John Hemming. Step-by-step sections cover the Classic trail (4-5 days), the longer, more strenuous trek from Mollepata (6-7 days) and the Shortest option (2 days). It includes

  • site plan of Machu Picchu ruins
  • description of Machu Picchu, with side-trips and photographs
  • background on Inca culture and stonework, and on modern Peru
  • extended section on Andean wildlife
  • advice on planning and preparation, including packing checklist
  • updated details on recent Trail regulations
  • medical advice on how to prevent and manage altitude symptoms
  • phrasebook in Spanish, Quechua and English
  • drop-down map showing three variants of the Inca Trail
  • in full colour, with 80 photographs
  • on water-resistant paper.

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Book data

  • Explore the Inca Trail: 3rd ed
  • Jacquetta Megarry and Roy Davies
  • 17 October 2011
  • UK price £10.99
  • 64pp+5pp map flap
  • 145x210 mm
  • ISBN: 978-1-898481-46-1

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“This is a practical and helpful guide, based on good knowledge of the terrain.”

John Hemming, author of "The Conquest of the Incas" and "Monuments of the Incas"

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